Welcome to Charlie loves Halifax!

Charlie loves Halifax and he wants it to be dog friendly! This site is your guide for the urban dog and their owners in the Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia. We have scoured the city looking for the best places to take your dog shopping with you, where all the off-leash and best on-leash parks are, what are ways to connect with other local dog owners, how to find the best resources locally for you and your dog

The HRM has exploded with dog friendly stores recently as they realize that we are a demographic that likes to spend our money politically - and we want to take our dogs with us when are out doing our errands - why leave our dogs at home when we don't have to? We aren't taking our dogs into stores so that they can play with the other dogs - we have them there as our companions, as our plus-ones - they don't pee and poop inside our houses - so why would they pee and poop inside stores?