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(sorry that these links are in no particular order - as I've found them is how they're listed - just surf them and enjoy!)

The first thing you'll want to do is to go to and have a look around - if you put in your postal code when you get there it'll bring up a lot of local dogs who are looking for homes - so go to - and have a look around!

The Nova Scotia SPCA is comprised of a network of eleven shelters and foster-care based branches across the province. In addition to the Metro Shelter, which serves the Halifax Regional Municipality, branches are located in Antigonish, Cape Breton, Colchester, Hants, Kings, Lunenburg, Pictou, Queens, Salmon River (Digby County) and Yarmouth - they all list animals that they have available for adoption - so you can check them out individually - - this is the website for the Provincial branch - the "umbrella" of the organization

These are the websites for all the individual branches across the province -

Antigonish SPCA
Yarmouth SPCA - the first established SPCA shelter in Nova Scotia - opened in 1900!
Cape Breton SPCA
Colchester SPCA
NS SPCA Metro Shelter - the SPCA for the Halifax Regional Municipality
Lunenburg County SPCA
Kings County SPCA
Pictou County SPCA
La Baie SPCA
Hants County SPCA
Queen's County SPCA

If you're willing to travel a bit - you can check out these SPCA's and rescues in PEI and New Brunswick!!

PEI Humane Society -

Bathurst Area SPCA -

Oromocto Area SPCA in New Brunswick - - they have one of the best fostering programs in all of Atlantic Canada!

Carlton County, NB SPCA -

Quispamsis, NB Animal Control -

People for Stronger Animal Protection - PFSAP - in New Brunswick - is a very active group of animal advocates in that province trying to make things better up there regarding tethered dogs, puppy mills and animal issues in general - you should definitely check them out -

Here are other private rescues in Nova Scotia -

Homeward Bound Pound is the HRM's contracted facility to shelter animals that come through their animal control facility - they work hard to make sure that dogs get adopted out - they are a no kill facility and deserve to be congratulated for that and promoted - you can find out more about dogs that are looking for a home here - - the dogs looking for homes here tend to be great!  The little beautiful dog to the left is named Tia - and she came from Home Bound City Pound!

Spay Day Nova Scotia of course is cat related - but it's so important that I've got to put it here - it's about lowering the amount of kittens in Nova Scotia - and if that's something that you want to support - and we should all support that - go to their facebook page and find out more about it at -

Elderdog is probably one of the most sincere and compassionate projects you are going to come across - they help older dogs and senior citizens - keeping older folks with their dogs in their homes, and also finding homes for older dogs that have been displaced when their older owners have had to to into a home - check out their website at and you will agree with me pretty quickly and want to support them! And they are Nova Scotia based which is even better!

Lillion Albion Shelter in Amherst is an awesome rescue - they have both dogs and cats there.

SHAID Tree Animal shelter in Bridgewater - has both dogs and cats as well.

Animal Rescue Coalition - one of the busiest rescues in Nova Scotia - they are a private rescue that doesn't have a "shelter" - they exist and rescue solely through private donations - and hard working volunteers who fund raise constantly and open their homes to foster the dogs and cats who come through the rescue's auspices - this is definitely a rescue worth supporting for all the hard and worthwhile work that they do!

Home to Stay Rescue is a great rescue that gets in alot of great dogs - you should definitely check them out!

Cool Dog Rescue is a rescue that specializes in bringing dogs in from away, they bring dogs in from Quebec exclusively that were supposed to be killed in shelters there  - so you should check them out.

Marley's Hope - is a local group that is expanding quickly - so they usually have quite a few dogs that are ready for adoption - and they need a lot of support so definitely check them out!

People for dogs is not a rescue - but an advocacy group for Nova Scotia pet owners - they are working for more equitable regulations and legislation for animals in Nova Scotia - they have a very busy facebook group at if you want to join them! Bide A While Shelter

Litters n Critters is a rescue society that is located in several areas of Nova Scotia - expanding from just the Halifax area - and has helped lots of cats and dogs over the years - check out their website to see if they have the perfect forever animal that you've been searching for.

SHAID Tree Animal Shelter, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia - "Our doors are open to all abandoned and abused animals in distress" - one of the oldest, and most compassionate of all rescues in Nova Scotia - along with the Yarmouth SPCA, probably the 2 oldest no-kill shelters in the province.

Paws Across the Border is bringing up dogs from the United States who are supposed to be killed and bringing them here to Nova Scotia to be adopted out - you can get to their Facebook page by clicking here

Beulah Berman Memorial Animal Shelter in Shelburne, Nova Scotia - "Saving one animal at a time" - one of the best, if not THE best animal shelters in the PROVINCE - yea! To the PET Project people - great things are happening in Shelburne, thanks to the volunteers there. Enough good things can't be said about these people!

Valley Animal Shelter in Wolfville -

Lillian Allbon Shelter in Amherst, Nova Scotia (which is the town where I grew up) - they have a great website by the way! They are a fabulous private rescue that has their own shelter and they take in a lot of great dogs and cats - you should really check them out and think about donating to them - they're worth a second and third look!

Down in Cape Breton there is Fur to Feathers who mostly deal in cats but sometimes also have dogs as well.  They are in D'Ecousse Nova Scotia.

A super rescue is Integrity's Haven Equine Rescue Centre Society - Angela Welburn rescues mostly horses but she also has cats and dogs as well - if it's furry she'll rescue it and find it a home!  Check her out!

There is also Forget me Not Animal Rescue Society to check out on Facebook who gets dogs and cats.

Sympathetic Ear Animal Rescue Society takes in dogs, cats, goats - whatever animal in need comes their way - they are vetting and dealing with several feral colonies at the moment and need help with that - you can check out their facebook site at does amazing things with premature kittens who don't even have a mother cat to feed from and the kittens are able to live - she's a legend in the rescue community -

Companion animal Protection Society of Annapolis County takes in mostly cats but does do a few dogs - they are a great and very busy organization - you can find more about them on their website at

Tapa Cat Rescue Society advocates for the humane treatment of stray and feral cats, and promotes TNR (trap neuter return) as a humane solution to the overpopulation of cats: Join their facebook page here -

Safe Haven Animal Rescue is a cat rescue located in Berwick

And another local great cat rescue is Lor Martin's Feral Rescue Group "Halifax Feral Rescue Group" - Cat Rescue, Maritimes - a cat rescue in New Brunswick - - there is also a local chapter as well, and they have a website at -

Not a rescue - but something that brings a lot of dogs home is - Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network - so they are very important - you can find them at

Specific Local Rescue Breed Contacts

These are all local people who live here and have connections to national breed rescues - so if you'd like a pure breed dog but still want to save a life you should contact one of these people! You can be put on a waiting list, or there might be a dog out there right now just waiting for you. They'd also be an excellent resource for asking questions about which breeders might be better than others when it comes to living conditions for their dogs. And I'm sure they'd also set you straight pretty quickly about buying your preferred breed from a petstore! If you know of a local breed rescue contact that I've missed, please email me at and I'll add them here!

Airedale Rescue is run by Maureen Tate. Her email address is Her rescue's name is "Second Chance Terrier Rescue and Adoption" and she has a website on Petfinder.

Beagle Paws is a labour of love run by some dedicated volunteers - I fostered a couple of beagles myself in the last year and I can understand why people fall so deeply in love with them! You can find out more about local beagle's being rescued locallly by contacting Maritime Friends and Supporters of Beagle Paws

Boston Terrier Rescue - - email is

Dalmation Rescue have a facebook group you can check out at

German Shepherd Rescue is done in the HRM by a very busy lady named Leah - their facebook page is at -

Golden Retriever Rescue is

Greyhound Rescue: I had emails from local greyhound owners April and Charlene about Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada which is a really neat organization that rehomes former racing greyhounds from the USA. The website gives great details on everything that you'd ever want to know about adopting greyhounds and what to expect from the breed - a lap dog with really long legs! '

Husky's have their own rescue in Nova Scotia - they have a Petfinder page at - they're a great breed for the people who love them, you should check them out!

For Pit bull type dog rescues -
Ador-a-Bull Pit Bull Rescue - brings pit bulls down from Ontario who would die if they stayed up there. They were born after the onerous Pit bull ban came into force - and thus have no choice to either die, or be shipped out. They have been temperament tested and vetted and are perfect examples of their breed. Expect to be thoroughly checked out to make sure you're matched up correctly with your forever canine life companion - but you'll have the best dog you'll ever get!

Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue is represented by a lady named Sara who has 2 ridgebacks - one of whom is a rescued puppy mill dog! Her email address is:

Springer Spaniel Rescue of Eastern & Central Canada - are a very active Rescue - I see them at every dog function and Doggy Expo - so they're a great breed specific rescue to see!

Other Rescue Type Links that are Interesting!!

Quite often the question comes up - I've found an injured wild animal - what do I do? Contact these people! They specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned native fur bearing animals and song birds. Their website is - Eastern Shore Wildlife Rehabilitation & Rescue Centre

Outside of Halifax is the North Mountain Animal SanctuaryFounded by a professional and conscientious group of concerned Nova Scotians, NMAS is a no-kill sanctuary with caring and compassionate citizens devoted to improving the lives of farm animals.

East Coast Aquatic Society meets regularly to talk about all things related to fish keeping! On their website they say: The East Coast Aquarium Society is a group of aquarists dedicated to furthering the aquarium hobby and promoting the practice of keeping tropical fish through the dissemination of information. Doesn't that sound exciting?

Ecology Action Centre - all things for ecology in the HRM - website and virtual tour of the Atlantic Cat Hospital and Cat Nap Inn on Quinpool Road in Halifax where I take my cats - nobody knows this but there is jack russell dog behind the counter whenever the owners are there!!

Links to Animal Welfare/Humane Organizations that I Personally Like: - Compassionate Action Institute - their mission is to promote humane education in order to increase awareness and to encourage compassionate action in order to relieve animal suffering

Best Friends Animal Society in Utah is a given! They are the grand-daddy's of compassion in action - I have a bumper sticker on my car that says "building a society through kindness to animals" - and it's true - and this is what the Best Friends people are doing - they are great.

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