Go shopping wdog ith your dog!

Part of being a dog-friendly town is being able to take your animals with you - instead of leaving them in the car or at home.

Having a well-socialized dog means that you can take them places with you - but in order to get them socialized you have to take them places with you! (bad grammar is there on purpose to make the point).

I say it in several other spots of this website but I'll say it here again - I don't take Charlie or Buttercup to these places to they can play with other dogs in the middle of the store - they are there as my companions, exactly as if you were taking your 2 year old child shopping with you. The last thing we want to do is cause a fuss, we want to get in and out of there like everyone else! But life is SO MUCH BETTER when your dog is by your side, don't you think? And it makes everyone else's life nicer when they have the opportunity to scratch the head of the friendliest dogs in the world.

Same as squeezing the cheeks of those screaming little 2 year olds! But anyway, I digress! The business owners in the Halifax Regional Municipality are starting to realize how lucrative it is to allow dogs into their stores with their human companions I think! Or maybe we’re becoming better organized – but I’ve found so many places now that you can take your dog shopping with you that I’ve had to reorganize this page so that it’s in categories. Isn’t that super? So it’s broken down into sections – so video stores, building supply stores, etc., are all together – so when you’re making up your shopping list you can choose your stores appropriately!

Two of the most dog friendly shopping areas in the HRM have published exactly which stores you can take your dog shopping with you which is awesome - Dartmouth Crossing and Quinpool Road really get it when it comes to dog owners who want to take our companions with us when we go shopping - you can see which stores are dog friendly in Dartmouth Crossing here - HERE - and Quinpool Road's shops here - HERE

As well - Spring Garden Road has a list of dog friendly stores!

And don’t forget to tell the shop keeper WHY you’re spending your money at their establishment!!! We're becoming so successful at shopping with our dogs and telling each other about it that I've had to break up stores into sections now on this website - I used to have them all on one page - but that has become too unruly - so now you can look below for what kind of stores you need to go to, and then click on that type to see which stores locally are for-sure dog friendly. But it's like I say - you don't know a store is NOT dog friendly until they kick you out! haha! And if you find a store is dog friendly - email me and I'll put it on the site so we can all share the love!!

So here's the list you can go to to find some stores:

Building Supply Stores
Clothing Stores
Eclectic Type Stores
Pet Stores
Craft Type Stores
Miscellaneous Stores
Bookstores & Magazine Stores

NEWS FLASH - and little known thing about Metro Transit - did you know that you CAN actually take your dog on the bus? It's only small dogs (and cats) - small dogs CAN go on Metro Transit - what it says exactly is "Small pets are permitted only if properly restrained in a closed cage. Large dogs and exotic animals are prohibited" - you can find it on the HRM's website at http://www.halifax.ca/transit/documents/metrotransitluggagepolicy.pdf

Here's a great summer idea!! Shakespeare by the Sea is dog friendly! I had an email from someone who works for the Shakespeare by the Sea company - Caitlin and her dog Maggie - and she said that well behaved dogs are welcomed at their plays! Isn't that awesome!


  1. Recently added an 8 week old boston terrier to our family. He was carried into the Walmart in Cole Harbour, he weighed all of 3 pounds. No sooner were we in the door, then a " supervisor" I assume, told me that I couldn't bring a dog into the store. I said, " I am not putting him down on your floor, I am holding him, wrapped in a blanket. You can hardly see him " this Walmart doesn't have the grocery store part. So I told them that we will be spending our money elsewhere !!!

  2. The Walmart in Cole Harbour will no longer get my family's business.
    We recently went into the store with our 8 week old puppy, 3 pounds, and wrapped in a blanket, could hardly even see him. I was approached by a young woman who I can only assume was some kind of supervisor, she didn't identify herself. She told us that we could not bring a dog into the store. Keep in mind that this location does not have the fresh food isles, so I saw no reason we couldn't pick up a few things.
    I told her that we would spend our money elsewhere....