Local Resources for Dog Owners in the HRM

It's hard to get stuff done and make decisions when you don't know what's out there. So I am starting to keep track of different places that have been recommended to me by other dog lovers and stores that I have been to that actually has nice stuff for my animals. Also - don't make the same mistakes I have and turn your dog into a purse! Even the most froo-froo will be embarrassed!

The list is getting so long of places that cater to dog owners that I've had to break it down into categories - isn't that fabulous? So below are different pages that I've set up of local resources for us dog owners - if you find a business that does stuff for dog owners that I haven't listed - or if you have a business that provides a dog service - email me and I'll add you here! There is no cost to be on this site - I do it simply because I think the more exposure dog related businesses get to their target audience, the more money they'll make - which means the more dog related businesses will open up - which means more dog businesses will open up - which means better stuff for you and me!

Dog Walkers

Doggy Day Cares

Where to shop for Pet Food

Health Related Businesses

Obedience Instructors

Miscellaneous type Stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else!

Dog Washes/Grooming

Local Rescue Organizations//SPCA's

Pet Friendly apartments & Hotels/Motels

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  1. Lots of marvellous info here Joan. I'd leave a longer comment but Wendy says it's time for dinner. lol