Tips for owners of dog friendly businesses

My #1 tip for business owners who allow dogs in their stores is to have a good attitude!

Obviously you already realize how lucrative the dog-loving crowd is, and that’s why you have begun catering to them – and you also are a dog-lover yourself, and probably own at least one or 2 canine life companions that may or may not be in the store everyday already anyway!

And for that I say BRAVO, and THANK-YOU!!! I believe that the demographic that includes me and most of my friends – the urban, skilled, gainfully employed with quite a bit of extra disposable income to spend however we’d like – and are willing to spend in a quite silly political fashion – way – are on the increase.

And we’d like to come spend our money in YOUR store, if you will let us bring our chosen lifetime companions with us. If not – we will find somewhere else to buy the same products that you offer. It’s no problem for us – only a problem for you!

Our little corner of the world is becoming such a beautiful place because of people like you – and I think it’s great that you are allowing dogs to have such fabulous opportunities to be with their owners.

As I say on my shopping page – owners aren’t bringing their dogs to your store to play with other dogs, they’re bringing their companions to your store so that they get their errands done AND spend extra time with the souls who mean the most to them in this world – their DOGS – and you business owners are enabling that. And THAT is awesome!!!

So here are some tips that I’ve thought of that might make your life a bit easier that maybe some store owners haven’t thought of: If it’s at floor level – consider it fair game. That’s a pretty basic rule when it comes to house breaking in any house, right? So why is it so hard for store owners and people shopping to get over?

Why does so much expensive product have to be at floor level anyway? I don’t really look down when I’m shopping, except for when Buttercup begs to be picked up – and product gets wrecked when it’s down low by things other than dogs lifting their legs – people scuff the stuff with their shoes, dirt gets on it, kids kick the stuff and pick it up and put it in their mouths – anything can happen to stuff when its merchandised low to the ground – that shouldn’t be any reason to ban dogs from a store.

Have a bucket of cleaning products so that you can just hand it over to a dog owner who’s dog has just “tinkled” on the floor – so that with no muss and no fuss, and as little embarrassment as possible to the customer – and with as little possibility that they will refuse to do it!! They can clean up the mess their dog just made themselves!

Pet stores and grocery stores (in their holistic sections) now carry products that clean up the ammonia from urine 100% so that when a dog pees it cleans up the smell 100% so that when the next dog comes into your store they won’t feel the need to continue marking that spot – which is the biggest problem with multiple dogs coming through enclosed areas.

If it’s cleaned up properly – that won’t happen – so get a bucket, put in some paper towels, some plastic bags, a bottle of cleaner – and when an accident does inevitably happen – it’s all ready to hand over to the dogs’ owner so that the proper person can clean it up.

And then everyone’s happy. Doesn’t that sound easy?

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