Recipes for Kong Fillling

At one time I used a black extra large kong for Daisy that I fed her her meals in because she's not food aggressive, but she was the greediest dog you'll ever meet.

When I got her she was super emaciated and pretty much starving. She never forgot what it's like to be hungry and if there's food involved she wants it all. And she had to eat it as quickly as possible. So I put her food in a kong so that it took her longer to eat so that the other dogs had a chance to eat theirs.

It's no good just to separate her because she's right there trying to break down whatever to get at them to get the food or she was staring them down. The kong is also universally accepted as a great thing for separation anxiety because it gives them something constructive to do while you're gone that doesn't involve eating the furniture.

Here's an article by Pat Miller: STUFF IT!! Kong stuffing has evolved into a true art over the last decade, with various Kong recipes available to tempt the palate of even the fussiest canine Kong connoisseur.

The most important rule is – let your imagination be your guide. One basic Kong stuffing technique looks like this:
1. Aperitif: This is a particularly tasty morsel placed directly on the small hole at the top of the Kong. Could be a piece of freeze dried liver, a dab of peanut butter, a squirt of "squeeze cheese," or?
2. Dessert: Fill one-third of the cavity with tasty bits of biscuits, cheese nips, jerky treats, bacon-type strips, or whatever special goodies suits your dog's fancy.
3. Main Course: Fill two-thirds of the Kong with your dog's regular dinner kibble, mixed with something tasty like cream cheese, as "paste".
4. Appetizer: Top the Kong off with an easy accessible treat sticking out of the opening to give your dog an immediate reward and encourage him to get down to the serious business of Kong unpacking.

Kong Stuff Recipes, Courtesy of Kong Company ·

Banana Rama: 1 fresh banana; 2 TBS wheat germ; 1Tbs plain (or flavored) yogurt. Mash banana in a bowl, add wheat germ and yogurt. Mash ingredients together, spoon into Kong set upside down in a cup. Freeze for 4 hours. Makes one serving for Medium Kong.

(Frozen Kongs – Kongsicles – are perfect for soothing the gums of teething puppies and for keeping Fido cool on hot summer days. Best consumed outdoors or on a protected floor – they can be messy when they melt!) ·

Cheesy Dental Kong Delight: 3 slices of your dog's favorite cheese; Dental Kong toy. Place 3 slices of cheese directly onto grooves of Dental Kong. Melt in microwave for 20-30 seconds. Cool. Give to dog. ·

Philly Steak: Steak scraps; 1 oz. Cream cheese. Place steak scraps inside Kong. Spread cream cheese in large hole to hold scraps inside. ·

Fruit Salad: Apple and carrot chunks; sliced mushroom; ¼ banana. Place fruit and veggies in Kong. Mash banana and fill hole to hold fruit in place. Freeze if desired. (Possible additions and substitutions: orange slices; peach and/or nectarine chunks; celery sticks; broccoli and/or cauliflower; avocado – chunks or mashed; tomato and black olive puree.) ·

Veggie Kong Omelet: 1 egg; your choice of shredded cheese; any vegetables that your dog likes. Scramble egg and fold in vegetables. Put into Kong. Sprinkle cheese over top and microwave for 20 seconds to melt cheese. Cool thoroughly before giving to dog ·

Mac 'n Cheese: Leftover macaroni and cheese; small cube of Velveeta. Fill Kong with leftover Macaroni and cheese. Melt Velveeta in microwave and pour into Kong. Cool thoroughly and give to dog. ·

Aunt Jeannie's Archeology Kong (by Kong-Stuffing Queen Jean Donaldson):
Layer One: (deepest): roasted, unsalted cashews; freeze dried liver bits;
Layer Two: dog kibble; cookies or liver biscotti; Cheerios; sugar-free, salt-free peanut butter; dried banana chips; apples and apricots;
Layer Three: carrot sticks; turkey or leftover ravioli or tortellini. Pack as tightly as possible.
The last item inserted should be an apricot or piece of ravioli, presenting a "smooth" finish under the main opening.
Light Version: Substitute crumbled rice cakes for cashews; Caesar croutons for freeze-dried liver; fat-free cream cheese for peanut butter.
As you can see, the sky's the limit. Happy stuffing!!!!

Kong Stuffing recipes from Individuals: ·

I like to use a high quality kibble and canned (Like Wellness), mix them together and stuff it all in the Kong. Freezing helps it last longer too, and it feels good for teething puppies! – Tracy ·

I like to take dessicated beef liver, and cut it just a bit longer than the opening of the kong. Then squeeze the kong, insert the liver, and stop squeezing. That way the liver is lodged into the opening of the kong. So, I have a very small piece of liver stuck in the opening of the kong. It is so funny when you can hear the fluffers sucking to try to get the liver out. They have to soften the liver by licking it to get it out of the kong. · I also do Natural P-nut butter with kibble and / or pieces of chicken. -Carol L

Here's what I put in the Kongs for my dogs, and I also freeze them so that it takes longer for them to work out the insides: · Peanut butter and bananas · Peanut butter and apples · cream cheese and apples · rice cooked in broth · kibble mixed with broth · kibble mixed with meat flavored baby food · canned dog food · canned pumpkin and dry treats · yogurt and apples or bananas · You can used canned pumpkin and freeze it, or you can try brown rice with a peanut butter plug. · I like stale bagels and fat free cream cheese. I find the moister the bagel gets, the more it sticks in the kong. · I like to put dog biscuits, PB, banana, carrots, wet food, pizza crusts in the kong. Also Petsmart sells doggy desert, that's always a favorite. It's fairly healthy too. Kong Dog Toys are widely used and recommended for therapy and prevention of under-stimulation, boredom, separation anxiety and other behavior problems.

Following are some simple ways Kongs can be utilized to promote good behavior in your dog. It is important for dogs to succeed at their "work". Make it easy to remove the kong stuffing at first. AS THEY BECOME MORE EXPERIENCED, YOU MAY WANT TO MAKE THEIR JOB MORE CHALLENGING - HERE'S HOW:

1. Pack stuffing tighter.
2. Wedge biscuits inside the cavity using the inside rim of the opening to secure them.
3. FREEZE IT! Very Popular! Try various combinations of canned food, gravy, noodles, rice and mashed potatoes mixed with food nuggets and freeze. KONGSICLES are a favorite with many hot dogs! Put a dab of peanut butter in the small end of the Kong to plug it. Turn it upside down in a cup. Fill it full of water, chicken broth or fruit juice and freeze. Cool doggies! Kongsicles are recommended for outdoor use.
4. CHEESE IT! Mix cheese pieces or cheese spread with food nuggets and microwave until cheese melts. Let it cool to a safe temperature.
NOTE - Use a cup to contain the Kong when freezing or microwaving.

Following are recipes created by veterinarians, dog trainers and dog lovers worldwide.

BANANA RAMA: 1 fresh banana · 2 tbs wheat germ · 1 tbs plain yogurt (can use your pet's favorite flavor as well) · Kong Toy that best fits your pet's chewing temperament In a bowl, mash up banana. Then, add wheat germ and yogurt. Mash all ingredients together and use spoon to add to Kong. Freeze for 4 hours. Makes 1 serving for Medium Kong. Double for every Kong Size that is bigger.

SIMPLE, TRIED AND TRUE: Peanut butter · appropriate Kong Toy Smear peanut butter inside the cavity of your Kong Toy. It's that easy! – by trainers and vets worldwide

TRIXIE'S FAVORITE: Trixie, a 50 pound Aussie/Springer mix, loves turkey, chicken or marrow bites mixed with slightly moistened food nuggets frozen inside her Kong. She is very clean about unstuffing - some dogs are not! - by Joe Markham

Every dog has a favorite recipe - finding your dog's will be fun! REMEMBER: Some foods are not healthy for dogs. Consult with your veterinarian first. Most of these are frozen and can be made softer or harder depending on how good the dog is at "excavating" the Kong. The frozen recipes can also be put into ice cube trays or other containers

When filling Kongs, you'll need to plug up the smaller hole if the filling is liquidy, so it doesn't fall out. You can also plug the larger hole to make it harder for the dog to get the filling out. Some things you can use to plug the holes: a grape or piece of another type of fruit, cheese, dog treats, peanut butter, veggies, or anything else that will fit.

You can also add dog biscuits, fruit, or veggies (or whatever your dog likes) to the Kong along with one of the recipes below, to make layers or mix in.

Peanutty Pupcicles - 1 ripe banana 1/2 cup peanut butter 1/4 cup wheat germ 1/4 cup chopped peanuts Mash bananas and peanut butter, stir in wheat germ. Chill 1 hour. Place in Kong, store in refrigerator or freezer.
Frozen Peanut Butter Yogurt Treats
32 ounces vanilla yogurt 1 cup peanut butter
Put the peanut butter in a microwave safe dish and microwave until melted.
Mix the yogurt and the melted peanut butter in a bowl. Pour mixture into Kong and freeze.
Fruity Yogurt Treats
2 kiwi fruit -- mashed (or jar baby food fruit) 8 ounces strawberry yogurt -- or other
Mix together, freeze in Kong or ice cube tray. Serve.
Yogurt Pups
16 ounces plain nonfat yogurt 3/4 cup water 1 tablespoon chicken bouillon granules
Dissolve bouillon in water. Combine water and yogurt in blender and blend thoroughly.
Pour into Kong or other small containers for freezing, cover and freeze.
Pup Pops 2 chicken or beef boullion cubes 3 cups water
Dissolve boullion in water. Pour into Kong, small styrofoam cups or ice cube tray. Freeze. Serve frozen.
Frosty Paws #1
one part instant oatmeal two parts water instant chicken or beef bouillon powder (optional) large glob of peanut butter
Mix and let sit for a few minutes until the oatmeal absorbs most of the liquid. It isn't even necessary to heat it. Spoon into Kong and freeze.
Some other suggestions to add: yogurt, pureed liver, garlic, pureed vegetables.
Frosty Paws #2
1 banana 4 oz. plain or fruit yogurt 2 oz. water
Process in blender or food processor till smooth. Pour into old frosty paws cups, Kong/s or something similar. Freeze and Serve.
Homemade Frosty Paws #3
1 quart vanilla yogurt 1 medium banana 2 T peanut butter (I use natural style) 2 T honey
Puree the banana in a food processor (a blender would probably work fine). Add the peanut butter and honey and continue processing until smooth. Add yogurt and process just long enough to blend all ingredients together. Place 18 small paper cups (bathroom size) in a baking pan (one 9x13 or two 8x8 work well). Fill paper cups to about 2/3's full. An ice cream scoop or a measuring cup makes the job easier. Or fill Kongs. Freeze until solid.
Frozen Jerky Pops
Bouillon Jerky Strips Water Fill a bowl with cool water and add a pinch of bouillon. Place into muffin tins or Kong, place a Jerky Stick inside and freeze.
1 fresh banana 2 tbs wheat germ 1 tbs plain yogurt (can use your pet's favorite flavor as well) In a bowl, mash up banana. Add wheat germ and yogurt. Mash all ingredients together and use spoon to add to a Kong or muffin tin or cups. Freeze for 4 hours.
Pugs Pops
1 Quart fruit juice 1 banana, mashed 1/2 cup yogurt Mix ingredients together thoroughly, then freeze. This can be eaten by people too.
Poochie Pudding (named after my dog Pooch)
Stoneyfield Farms whole milk yogurt, plain or vanilla 1 banana 1 peach or nectarine (peeled) strawberries or 1 apple (whichever the dog likes) 1 dog biscuit (bone-shaped)
Steps: Mash the banana and the peach/nectarine (or put in blender). Slice the apple or strawberries into smallish chunks. Push a chunk of fruit into the bottom hole of the Kong to stop leaking. Mix the banana, peach/nectarine, apple chunks or strawberries into the yogurt, then pour the mixture into the Kong. Push the biscuit into the large end of the Kong. Freeze for about 3-4 hours or until consistency of frozen yogurt. Can also be served unfrozen, for impatient dogs (warning: it can get messy!) Bone appetit! These last two are actually dog cupcake recipes, but they can be stuffed into a Kong while warm and soft.
Apple Crunch Pupcakes
2 3/4 cups water 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce 2 tablespoons honey 1 medium egg 1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract 4 cups whole wheat flour 1 cup apple, dried 1 tablespoon baking powder
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a small bowl, mix together water, applesauce, honey, egg, and vanilla. In a large bowl, combine flour, apple chips, and baking powder. Add liquid ingredients to dry ingredients and mix until very well blended. Pour into greased muffin pans. Bake 1 1/4 hours, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out dry. Store in a sealed container. Makes 12 to 14 pupcakes.
Doggie Cheesy Carrot Muffins
Mix in a large bowl: 1 cup all purpose flour 1 cup whole wheat flour 1 tsp. baking powder 1 cup grated cheddar cheese 1 cup grated carrot Mix in small bowl, then add to above: 2 large eggs 1 cup milk 1/4 cup vegetable oil Cook at 350 degrees, 12 minutes for mini muffins, 20-25 for large muffins.
Plug the end of the Kong with a treat. Turn it upside down in a cup. Fill it full of chicken gravy and freeze. Try Cat food as well.
WARNING - Frozen kong can get messy and are recommended for outdoor use only.
1 egg, grated cheese and any vegetables your dog likes. Scramble the egg and fold in the vegetables. Squash into the Kong. Sprinkle some cheese over the top and microwave for about 20 seconds to seal the ingredients. Cool thoroughly.
WARNING - Cheese becomes very hot in the microwave.
Mix cheese pieces or cheese spread with your dogs usual dried dog food and press into the Kong. Microwave until the cheese starts to melt and bind the food together. Let it cool to a safe temperature. Use a cup to contain the Kong when in the microwave.
Smear peanut butter or Marmite inside the cavity of the Kong for a quick and minimalist alternative.
Cheese, Chicken skin, Bacon, Pate, Cooked lamb's liver, meaty canned cat food. - Use very sparingly and make sure this treat blocks the top hole so that none of your other ingredients fall out.
Small dog biscuits, bread sticks, garlic bread, pizza crusts, carrot batons - These treats should be wedged into place. Experiment with different brands of dog biscuits and look at small dog sizes which are very versatile. You want to leave lots of interesting gaps. Some biscuits should be harder to get out than others.
Freeze-dried liver, cat treats, Chopped sausage, grated cheese. - These need to be small, flavoursome goodies. the second your dog nudges the Kong, some of these should fall out to get him hooked. If they are all dispersed immediately, its going to be a bit dull for your dog - so make sure you shake the Kong as you're filling it so some bits end up working their way into all the crevices created by the wedged biscuits.

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