Dog walkers in the HRM

Dog walkers are like groomers in the HRM - they're hard to find, and once you find a good one - they seem to realize that they are made of 24 karat gold and decide to get a job doing something else - so you're back at square one trying to find another person you can trust to take care of the thing you care most about in this world! Arrgghh! Dog walkers and groomers are like gold in this city. And they know it. But don't tell them that! Because we need them desperately! So here's a few of them that I've heard of lately - but that could change on a dime....

Red Dog Pet Services offers group walks, individual walks, pee breaks and kitty services too! They also offer yard clean ups, kitty box clean ups and crate cleaning - so they are your one stop shop - I guess that's why they call themselves Red Dog "Services"! They don't say how far they will travel - but they are located in Dartmouth - so I'm assuming they will travel throughout the HRM - their website is at - - I've had conversations with the owner Erin and she sounds awesome

Sirius Dog Walking - owned by Dave - who is another person I've had conversations with who sounds fabulous and is a crazy dog person - does group walks and one on one dogs - and in home pet sitting - his group walks are long adventure walks - so if your dog is the kind that needs that kind of exercise - he's the man for you - his website is at

Dog Runnin - is a fabulous idea! This lady will come to your house and take your dog for a run - wow! Come to think of it - I have a dog who so needs this! Her tagline is "Exercise for urban dogs" - I have to stop typing and send an email right now! Her website is at

Tracy Wilcox and her dog Ruckus have started a dog walking and pet sitting business that's serving the Lower Sackville - as well as Fall River, and Beaverbank areas - she's a registered vet tech, so they have good expertise if something happens in the middle of the woods! They have a facebook page called "Running with Ruckus" if you want to check them out and contact them!

Linda Townsend has started "Muddy Paws Adventures" which is servicing Mount Uniacke all the way to Windsor - it sounds like she is having a great time - and so are the dogs that she takes in - so if you're in her area - you are lucky! Her website is at - you should check her out!

Doggie-Pooh HRM is a dog walker and pet sitter in the HRM that does a little bit of everything - they'll walk your dog, pet sit for you - and clear your yard of pooh - sort of one stop shopping - you can find out more about their services on their Facebook page at Doggie Poo HRM

Heather Sinclair has started a dog walking business called "Tails to Trails" - she offers primarily off leash groups walks (up to a maximum of 6 dogs per walk) and eventually hopes to be offering two walks per day (mornings and afternoons, Monday to Friday). Walks are 1 -1.5 hours in duration and take place at various dog friendly locations throughout HRM (including but not limited to Point Pleasant Park, Long Lake, Shubie Park, Sandy Lake). Her phone number is 266-HIKE (266-4453). Her website is at her email address is -

I had an email from Kay leigh who has started up a dog walking and pet sitting services out of her home in head of jeddore, ns. She is a veterinary assistant and has been around animals all of her life. Her contact information is . She hopes to have a website up and running soon.

Alex Ross owns "Dogs on Slogs" - he's focusing his walks in Point Pleasant Park at the moment. His phone number is 431-9099, and his email is - he's recently moved here from Toronto, I think he made the right choice in moving away from such a dog hating province - and it's great he's made the choice to choose a career in dogs - good luck to him!.

Sandie who owns "Positive Solutions" is interested in both pet sitting (in your home or hers) and dog walking. She likes to keep the number of dogs she walks down to a very personal and manageable 4 per walk so she's pretty selective. She's been doing this on and off for the last couple of years but have decided to dedicate herself - it is the most enjoyable part of her day so she's doing what all the gurus say we should do - following her passion! Her email address is and her phone number is 405-0713

"Dog Trekkers K9 Adventures" - call their dog walking business an "Outdoor Trekking Adventure For Your Dog" - and that to me sounds like a lot of fun for your dog! They offer different services that include off leash long runs in the woods with other dogs, or on-leash walks in your neighbourhood - and they also offer over night boarding their home - so check out their website and see what they have to offer, they're a company with a lot of energy and a true love for dogs - so you won't regret checking them out. They also offer photography for dogs - so you can go for the exercise - and stay for the great pictures - it's win/win! haha!

Amy and Adina MacRae operate a dog walking service as part of their business "Sublime Canine" - you can find out the types of service they offer by checking out their website at

Another dog walker in HRM is a guy named Steve Nichols and his phone number is 209-5698. I've seen him at Point Pleasant Park and also at Long Lake.

Ashael Cooke of Happy Tails Dog Walking offers her services in Peninsular Halifax, Fairview and Clayton Park, you can check out her website at -

If you're a local dog walker and you want me to include you on this page - you can email me at - and I'll list you here so we can all share the love.

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