Mainland Commons Off Leash Dog Park

Mainland Commons Dog Park is located in Clayton Park and the easiest way to get to is from Dunbrack Street - you go from Dunbrack Street and turn either left or right - from whichever direction you're coming from, and then take your first left onto "Westridge" - and then you take that road to the end - and then you'll see a sign for some kind of park and that's for the dog park - you just go up a small hill and that will be the parking lot for the park - there's also a small ball field on the left that is not part of the dog park - don't go there.

There are 2 facebook pages related to this park - the Mainland Commons Dog Park page - which is dedicated to the big side and park issues in general - and then the Mainlands Offleash Commons Small Dog Park which is related to all things going on in the small dogs park - if you plan on going to the park you should go join the groups, they are very active and people will post that they are going so they won't be the only ones at the park - and also post whats going on re upgrades and people who have emailed the city about ongoing conerns with the park - they are very interesting groups.

You'll see the fence for the dog park and a couple of air locks to get into the park which are quite nice - nobody can escape while you're trying to get in, which is good.

The park is broken up into 2 sections - a small dog section and a large dog section - there is a 3rd section that has a very small wooded section that you can walk some trails that are available to both the small dogs and the large dogs.

The space in it's entirety is smaller than the "Seaview Park" everybody used to go to - but as dog owners who pay our taxes - beggars can't be choosers it would seem, and it is an entirely adequate park for what it is meant to give our dogs - a place to run around and have wrestles with the dogs who are there at the same time we are - it is not a sniff and pass park like Point Pleasant Park or Shubie Park is.

It can be a very fun place to go if your dog is in to that kind of play - if he's not into it - it can be very stressful for the dog - so make sure you watch your dog carefully - and if he seems afraid or intimidated - Mainlands Common Dog Park is not for you.

One good thing about the Park is that it is very close to the Mainland North Linear Walkway - so either before or after your walk you can go for a nice long on-leash walk with your canine life companion - it can be accessed through t he parking lot.

Have fun!

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