Burnside Trails on Eileen Stubbs Ave in Burnside

The Burnside Trails in Burnside is a little gem that is just behind the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic in Burnside - it's on Eileen Stubbs Ave which is just behind the clinic - it's not a long walk - but it's right on the lake, and you can walk it a couple times to make it a bit longer - and if you are out and about with your dog doing errands in Dartmouth - it's a nice little jaunt to stretch your legs on a sunny afternoon.

I've heard that this area is called "French mans Lake". It's the cutest little walking path - it's not very long - but you can do quite a bit in there. The place has got quite a bit of potential - any time I've taken the dogs there it's been deserted - so it'd be a good place if you're the type who doesn't like to run into other dogs or people.

Isn't this just a gorgeous view? The dogs had a GREAT time!

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