Eating out with your dog in the HRM

The law in Nova Scotia currently says that dogs are not allowed anywhere that food is being prepared or served - so dogs are not allowed in restaurants, grocery stores, outdoor eating areas - or any place like that - but it seems to me that if places value their customers' business - there is a fine line between the outside of a restaurant and the inside of a restaurant at the edge of an eating area of a patio outside a restaurant -

Restaurants that have Outdoor Eating Areas - you can sit on the edge and have the dog under the table - I've never seen anyone kicked out for it!

I had an email from Heather and her weimeraner Caspar that down on the waterfront - that they've had particular success at the Lower Deck Patio and the Triangle patio - so those are 2 that you might want to start out with as being most friendly towards dogs!

The Wired Monk Restaurant down on Morris Street has been reported by Peter and his companion Tripper as being friendly toward the families who have canines among their members - Peter says he goes in 3-4 times a week to get coffee and muffins to go and will sit outside to eat his muffin with Tripper in toe at the tables provided outside - and they also have treats inside for his dog too.

Steve-O-Reno's up on Brunswick street - their outdoor patio is a SUPER spot for having a coffee and hanging out with your dog - and the staff there LOVE dogs! I had an email from Jen who is an employee there, and they keep water bowls for the dogs on the patio and cookies behind the counter for the drive-through at their Robie Street location (in the Piercey's parking lot - which is also dog friendly) - now is that super customer service, or what?

In that same vein - Ann and her dogs Haggis and Snug go to the Coburg Coffee House on Coburg Road and you can take your dog in with you while you wait to pick up your take-out coffee - that's miles ahead of Tim Horton's and I bet the coffee tastes miles ahead too!

As well - Planet Paws over in Dartmouth - it's a pet food store - but they have quite a large patio that you can sit at - it's on Montebello Drive in Dartmouth

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