Bookstores and Magazines stores in the HRM that are dog friendly

Book stores and magazine stores are pretty good for being dog friendly - I don't know why, but I've had really good luck with book stores - maybe it's because book store owners are very in touch with their clientele.

Atlantic News on the corner of Morris and Queen Street in Halifax. I've gone to this store for years - and they're very dog friendly - they even have a dog on their logo - they keep my favourite dog magazine - Bark Magazine - behind the counter for me Bark is a dog/lifestyle magazine that is great

Book Mark on Spring Garden Road. It is a non-chain bookstore that is owned locally and has lots of books by local authors. They keep biscuits behind the counter and they are open on Sunday. So it would be a great destination if you are walking around downtown absorbing the atmosphere!

The Last Word Used bookstore on Windsor Street in Halifax. The owner has used books piled almost to the ceiling and he loves to talk about books. I personally love used book stores, and this is one of the better ones in the city, in my opinion.

Tara and her dog Karma said that although it is not well known you can take your dog with you to the Chapter's store in Dartmouth - just not in the coffee shop part. Now that's good news! The Chapters in Dartmouth has hosted the SPCA's Santa Pics for a couple of years - so that's very philanthropic too! As well - the Chapters in Bayer's Lake is also dog friendly.

The Book Exhange Used Book store in Cole Harbour is dog friendly - it's a very cute store with lots of good books.

I was in the Book Room on Barrington Street in Halifax when I heard a dog barking! I asked one of the girls who worked there if it was okay to have dogs in there and she said yes it was so downtown Halifax is shaping up to being very dog friendly! I'm going to have to make up a map of all the places you can go because there are now more than 3 or 4 places! It's almost more shopping than you can do in an afternoon!

If you hear of a dog friendly magazine store or bookstore - email me at so we can share the good news!

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