Fort Needham is pretty good!

Buttercup and I have been to Fort Needham to check in the past - The day we chose wasn't the best day to go as it turns out because it was super cold and the place is and it's completely wide open and seems to be 10 degrees colder than anywhere else in the city when the wind is blowing. Buttercup ended up being inside my coat most of the time we were there because she was too old to be able to handle blowing cold wind. We still had a good time though.

I was surprised #1 how big the park is, and #2 how small the dedicated off leash area is - it seemed really unnecessary how small they made the dog area. I liked how there's about 3 or 4 entrances to the park though - there wouldn't be any congestion areas for people coming into the park like there is at some of the other parks in the city - so nobody should get mobbed if they arrive at Fort Needham which is a good thing - and I was completely surprised that there actually poop bags in the poop bag dispenser! Yea!

This is a pictures of the memorial bell tower at Fort Needham - the yearly ceremony on December 6th that memorializes the Halifax explosion

As a note to this ceremony - I had an email from John Charles, the fellow who's in charge of the off leash implmentation pilot project - and during the day of the Halifax Explosion Memorial Ceremony - December 6th - Fort Needham will revert back to an on Leash Park from 5am to 12 noon in respect for the families and victims of the explosion - so please take this into consideration for this one day of the year This picture and the next few show the dog area of the park.

Buttercup ensconced safely inside my coat.

Another shot of the dog area - well a dog area from 6am to 10am from November 1st to May 1st. It's a sports field within Fort Needham.

This is a part of the park that once I left the park and looked at the map of Fort Needham discovered that it's not actually a dog area. Poopy.

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