Hemlock Ravine in Bedford

Hemlock Ravine is directly off the Bedford Highway and has a lot of nice trails. It is very much like the Duck Pond/Dingle area in Spryfield.

There is a page dedicated to it on the HRM's website at

It's one of the 5 pilot off-leash parks designated by the city. It's a great place for walking the dogs as a sniff and pass walk with lots of nature and trees and things to pee on.

The trails can be confusing though. I got totally lost when I was there, but I met a very nice lady named Amy who helped me and I have actually stayed in contact with her since so it turned out to be a very nice trip. It is a bit more hilly than my middle-aged body could take, especially when I got lost. There is houses all around the park so you have to keep your eyes open and on the dogs so that they don't end up on a side street or someone's back yard!

I would say the neighborhood residents use this park a lot. One thing I did notice was the absolute absence of dog poop on the ground. This is the only place in the whole of the HRM where I never saw even one pile! This park is great for walking and enjoying nature. It's mostly woods with lots of uneven terrain on the side of the paths so the dogs can have lots of stuff to smell and dig in

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