Health Related Doggy Businesses in the Halifax Regional Municipality

There's now enough local business for me to have a section just on health related doggy businesses! That's great - people are taking the health of their companion animals seriously enough that individuals are able to get at least part of their income from their life passion - helping to make animals healthy. I think that's awesome! (the photo at right is poor Charlie after he had ACL surgery on his back left knee a few years ago - yuck)

Animal Behaviour Consultant - F. Joan MacDonald gives seminars and consultations on animal homeopathy. I personally have found homeopathy to be fascinating and very helpful with some very sick foster dogs that I've had in the past - and dogs can't tell a placebo effect or real medicine - so the stuff MUST work, I'd say! And it's got lots of neat words like tinctures! Joan islso a human homeopathic practitioner as well - she has a web site at - her email address is

Bailey's Skin Rescue should be a staple in every pet owner's medicine cabinet here in Nova Scotia - not just because it's made here in Nova Scotia - but because it works! It's made out of all kinds of good stuff like essential oils, lavender, tea tree oils - things we put on our own skin - so why wouldn't it work on our dogs skin - you use it for everything - from hot spots to any kind of irritation - just about all the pet stores and health stores sell it now in their pet section - so you should go buy some! They have a website at - and a facebook group -

Susan Hirshberg is a trained academic animal behaviorist who has had a career change to become a Reiki master and Cranio-sacral therapist. Recently she has decided to combine her interests and offer her healing services to animals as well. She emailed me to say that "These modalities are very gentle and excellent for animals with chronic conditions, behavioral issues or trauma". She makes housecalls and has particular interest in working with rescue dogs to ensure their smooth transition to foster or forever homes - which sounds great to me! Her phone number is 455-0175 and her email address is

Some vets who are very good - and have been good to me are the Petfocus group - they are spread throughout the HRM - you can find them through their facebook page at

If you live in Beford - Vetcetera is awesome - the vets there are very rescue friendly and they do great work - their facebook page is at

If you live in Bedford - Basinview Animal Hospital is also super - their facebook page is at

There are now 2 places that you can take your animals on a 24 hours basis - Lady Hammond Animal Hospital has opened up in Halifax and operates 365 days a year 24 hrs a day - they are on Unit # 100, 6331 Lady Hammond Rd, in Halifax and their website is at

As well - open for many years is Metro Animal Emergency Veterinary Clinic - it is open when all of the veterinary hospitals are closed - so it's a vital service to all of us pet owners - they're located just inside the Burnside Industrial Park behind the unnecessary Pet's Unlimited at 201 #9 Brownlow Ave - their facebook page is at

Emotional Freedom Technique for dogs - I had an email from a man named Al Rodee - and here is what he sent - "Whenever I do private sessions using EFT, if there are animals around, they respond immediately. I often do house calls and end up with some big dog in my lap or under foot as I help people stimulate their subtle energy system to relieve unwanted traumas and emotions. EFT is equally successful with animals as it is for people. Dogs that have been abused, traumatized, are behaviour problems, suffer from separation anxiety or any number of things find relief with EFT as I work with their energy not their mind. I run a group (mostly for people) every Tuesday night from 7-9. I am more than happy to invite dogs who could benefit from my services as long as they come with a responsible owner. The cost is $5.00 for the dog (the owner comes for free) (no one is turned away). I also offer private sessions for all kinds of animals. The first one hour session is $25.00. Al's email address is and he's got a website at

Pet Physiotherapist - Shelly Malcolm - from Pawsitive Action Physiotherapy helped Charlie when he was limping for months. I was worried it was his hips because he is part Lab and I couldn't even figure out which leg it was that was bothering him. The vet didn't seem too worried by it so I was trying not to obsess. But Shelly did an on-the-spot assessment and could tell which leg it was and could tell it was a tricep muscle spasming and that I should massage it and this is what I should do and this is where I should do it! Now, how many $100's of dollars and how many more trips to the vet would that simple analysis have cost me? Her facebook page is at - she's also helped Buttercup when she had HER knee replaced TWICE! Dogs' knees can be expensive!

Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives - is a veterinary practice that offers traditional as well as alternative medicine for our companion animals and treats the whole animal in sickness as well as in health! Their website is quite substantial, so check it out!

Cloverfield Animal Behavioural Services in Brookfield Nova Scotia gives behaviour consultations for just about any kind of animal - cats, dogs, horses, goats - whatever you have they can tell you why they're being bad and how to fix it! Beware of dog trainers who SAY they're animal behaviourists - but they are NOT!

Another dog behaviour expert - who is also the best dog trainer in Nova Scotia - is Silvia Jay. I can't say enough good things about her - and her website is at

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