Pet Food Stores in the HRM

There has been an explosion of pet food stores in the last few years with the arrival of PetSmart and Pet Valu - and we've got a lot more to choose from when it comes to buying dog food for our animals, which is a good thing.

If you've heard of the term BARF then you know a little about dog food and proper nutrition and what is in normal dog food and "kibble" and what is grocery store "kibble".

We have a lot of choice locally now what we can choose to feed our dogs - we have several options of whether we raw feed our dogs, feed them high quality kibble - and also whether we choose to politically feed our dogs - and by that I mean - when we shop for our dogs that we don't shop at stores that sell items that we disagree with them selling certain items like shock and prong collars - or whether they sell free advertising for trainers who use shock and prong collars.

For instance - stores like Pet's Unlimited and Pet Valu locally have a lot of very great and desirable products - but I won't shop there because they also sell shock and prong collars - 2 products that I am very much against the sale of - so I shop politically and won't spend any money there. Global Pet stores have business cards on their racks for trainers who use shock collars - so I won't shop there because they refuse to take those cards down - they are implicitly supporting shock collars by having those cards there.

So I only shop at Pet stores that don't shop or support shock collars and prong collars - and those stores exist - Petstuff on the Go, Planet Paws, Jolly Tails, local groomers, Best Friends Pet Supplies, B&R Pet Supplies - they are all fabulous places to buy your pet supplies and kibble - and if you feed raw there are also local suppliers of that as well.

One source of a raw meaty diet is the company "Raw Instinct Pet Company" at - and they actually manufacture their raw pet food locally and do it up according to your instructions and what you need and want. They do a customized meal plan for your dog(s) after a consultation with you - and deliver their product directly to your home. There is no other company like them in Nova Scotia, so it's pretty neat.

Another place to get raw food is Totally Raw Pet Food - they are an all-raw manufacturer and retail store (once delivering out of Truro), now conveniently located in Burnside on Akerley Boulevard. They provide a wide selection of delicious raw food blends and whole foods for both dogs and cats, which are based on the evolutionary whole-prey model -- meaning your pet gets their proper balance of 80 percent muscle, 10 percent bone, and 10 percent organ meat. All meat is human grade, hormone and antibiotic-free, and comes only from federally-inspected, local abattoirs.

At the store, you'll find very knowledgeable staff who will help you transition your dog or cat if they're not on a raw food diet yet. If they are, you'll be one more in a great community who drop by to pick up balanced blends, whole foods, ground patties, a wide selection of delicious low-temperature dehydrated treats, meaty bones, or natural health supplements, all manufactured on site. Drop by and say hello. You and your fur children will be glad you did!

If you're looking for raw meaty bones - Gateway Market in Cole Harbour is a fantastic place to get them at great prices

There's a local online store that's selling high quality pet food as well - they're called "Dogs of Pride" and they're out of Bridgewater - they're also groomers, dog sitters, and obedience trainers - so they're a one stop shop! Their website is at and they also have a facebook page too.  They are also a supplier of Carnivora if that's something that interests you.

There is a place called "Petstuff on the Go" which is a local business that employs mental health consumers. They are affiliated with the hospital I work at, so I know it's a great place to use. They have a stand at the Farmer's Market on Saturday in Halifax and in the Penhorn and Downsview Mall Flea Market's on Sunday. They deliver stuff free to your door and they package in returnable, reusable containers when possible - which is great for the environment! They sell several types of dog and cat food and they specialize in brands that have "human consumption" ingredients in them like Excel and Pronature foods. They also sell all natural clumping cat litter in 50 lb pails. Their phone number is 464-3466. And in 2009 - they've opened a store front operation on Main Street in Dartmouth - yea! They're pretty easy to find - they are a great place to check out!

Best Friend's Pet Supplies in Clayton Park in the Sobey's complex, Bedford in Mill Cove Plaza, in the Hubley Centre in Tantallon. is a great place to buy your pet supplies if you are interested in supporting a pet store that does not sell live animals. I think it is great and really important in the ending of puppy mills that stores start taking a stand against animal abuse. Puppy mills are kept profitable by pet stores who sells their products.

Best Friend's advertising includes the line "Best Friends does not support puppy mills by selling animals in our stores. If you are looking for a dog or cat, we will gladly put you in touch with a reputable breeder or shelter." They sell a couple brands of dog and cat food that has ingredients for human consumption like Innova and California Natural. Their phone number is 457-0690 and they are located at 287 Lacewood Drive and in the big mall that's right at the Tantallon Exit on the main highway.

Another pet supplie's store that would be a bit of a drive for some people is B&R's Pet Supplies in Waverley. They are well known based on simply on the excellent word of mouth. They carry every brand of super premium pet foods including Solid Gold food. They also have the most accessories that I have seen in one store locally. They also sell frozen raw meaty bones. Their phone number is 860-3332 and they can give good directions on how to get there.

I had an email from Shirley and her dog Cody who gave me fabulous directions to the store and here they are: "It can be reached through Waverley or Lower Sackville by going up the Cobequid Road and Turning onto the Windsor Junction Road. Or from Beaverbank by going up the Beaverbank Road and then turning onto the Beaverbank Crossroad to Windsor Junction and turning right onto the Windsor Junction Road. The store is run by the "Boyd" family who have been known for years as breeders of champion German Shepherds. They have a great store with all sorts of stuff, even a dog sled at one time, and very reasonable prices. They carry materials for cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, etc. and they love visitors….

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