Martinique Beach

Martinique beach yesterday is a lot of fun - it's a lot closer to Halifax than I thought it was. I thought it was farther away than Clam Harbour beach is - but it's in fact closer. It's only 12 kms past the end of highway #7 - which makes it only 20 minutes further away than Conrad's beach in time terms. It took me an hour to get there from Spryfield - and it takes me 40 minutes to get to Conrad's beach so really, I could go to Martinique beach more often.

But I think that Martinique would only be a winter or a shitty day beach because any other time there'd be children or sun bathers there because it's a very nice beach. It's really long though - so it could accomodate a ton of people. When I was there yesterday I counted 12 cars - and that was spread out over the whole beach - and I didn't run into one other person. At the same time of day there'd probably also be 12 cars at Conrad's on an equally sunny Sunday - and you'd run into a lot of dog people. Which means I personally would NOT go to Conrad's on a sunny Sunday! haha!

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