Regatta Point Walkway on the Purcell's Cove Road

I had an email from Don and Shirley and their dog Cody about a walk along the Northwest Arm in Halifax that sounds interesting. It's called the "Regatta Point Walkway - and it's on the Purcell's Cove Road - very near the intersection of the Herring Cove Road and the Purcell's Cove Road.

Here it is: "I was reading your review of the Dingle and thought I would mention another area that you might like to try which is in the same vicinity. It runs along the Northwest Arm shoreline.

If you look across from Horseshoe Island you can see it on the opposite shore. There are several ways to get access to it but I will name just one.

If you travel along the Purcell's Cove Road (about 1 km before you get to the turn off for the Dingle) you will pass the St. John the Baptist Church (small white Catholic Church on your left) and then a Greek Orthodox Church (also on your left). Go into the Greek Orthodox church parking lot.

At the rear of the church you should see a path going down to the shore walkway. You can follow the shoreline for a fair distance and there are several park benches along the way. It is a little warmer than the Dingle as some of the pathway is opposite the Armdale Yacht Club and is protected from the wind."

Charlie, Leonard, and my foster dog Ebony went and it IS a lovely walk. It is completely flat and right next to the water.

You can see it from the Halifax side - it is like a sidewalk right next to the water. Thanks for the tip Cody!!! If you have any great walks to share, email me at the address below!

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