Miscellaneous Type fun dog stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere!

This page is for local dog friendly resources that don't fit elsewhere on the website - but need to be included somewhere!

Dog's of Pride is located in Lunenburg County - but they have a busy online business as well for people living here in the HRM - - they have a very busy facebook group if you want to connect with them that way, and they're the exclusive Maritime dealership for a lot of super doggy stuff, so you should definitely check them out!

Charles N Wentzell pine furniture makes beautiful, well crafted furniture and can make whatever you'd like - a special bed that will fit you and all your pets, pet beds, food bins - whatever - he can make it - his stuff is awesome - you can check him out here -

Comfort Foam and Repair - Furniture Repair, Matress Manufacturing - can make you the doggy bed of your dreams - whatever size - they can cut it for you - just check out their facebook page to get some great ideas

DIY Passion is a lifestyle blog by a former adopter of mine - her name is Erin Basquill and she does amazing things and she has posts about doggie ideas that are very beautiful - you should definitely check her out!

Metro Pet Crematory is pretty what is sounds like - but they are the highest calibre you can imagine and are what all the local vets use - they have very high standards and have a lot of urns to choose from - you can check them out at the their facebook site

Dogs In Gear is a local supplier of canine sports gear - they sell all the items you need for ski-joring, biking with your dog, mushing with your dog - you name it - they sell it - their facebook page is at

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