Groomers in the Halifax Regional Municipality

I own 4 dogs that need to go to the groomer very 4 weeks, so I know a little about this subject.

There is a lot of groomers here and most of them are pretty good, but you've got to be careful that they don't hurt your dogs and also not do the things they're supposed to do like cut your dogs nails. I've come home so many times and my dog's nails are the same length they were they left and that makes me angry because now I've got to go somewhere else - do more trauma to the dog and get their nails cut.

Once you find a good groomer that you like - stick with them - they should be gentle - be willing to clean your dog's ears, do their anal glands (even though some groomers will tell you that's a medical procedure so they aren't allowed to do it - that's just hogwash) - they should do a lot of scissoring to get a good look to the cut - and all the eye goop should be gone from their eyes!

So here's a couple grooners from around the HRM

House of Dogs on Quinpool Road are also the owners of Doggy Styles in Enfield - they have a facebook page at if you want to keep up with them.

Out in Fall River is a fabulous groomer - owned by Leah Cutler called "Fetching Dog Spa and Boutique" - she's at 1480 Fall River Road and her phone number is (902) 576-7387

We now have a mobile groomer in the HRM! They only service the Hubbards area but that's a start! They're called "At your Doorstep Mobile Pet Grooming" - and they offer everything a normal groomer does except they bring it right to your door - isn't that fabulous? Their facebook page is at

Down Home Dog Grooming is on 2310 Gottingen Street in Halifax - owned by the fabulous Jennifer Sinclair - you may remember her as the manager of Bark & Fitz - she also has a really nice retail section so you should definitely check them out!! Their facebook page is at

Christine Graham of Wyndenfog Kennels offers grooming and boarding out in West Chezzetcook for the dog owners in that area of the HRM - you can check out her website at

Oodles of Poodles is on Agricola Street in Halifax, and by the pictures on their facebook page - they do great stuff! -

Nose To Tail Professional Pet Grooming is in West Chezzetcook - the pictures there also look pretty good!

Kira's Pet by Design is out on the #7 Highway - so she is serving a much needed service to people living outside the city -

The Dog Shop is a little out of the way, but it looks like a beautiful spot - their facebook page is at

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