Oakfield Park in Fall River

I received a great email from Darrel who said that his dog Frasier loves going to Oakfield Park in Fall River!

He also gave me directions on how to get there, and said that it's an assortment of wooded trails, shoreline, beaches and open fields.

The area around the trail is between 8-10 kms and the only area where dogs should be leashed is the picnic area where thousands of people go in the summer.

Directions to get there from Halifax: take the 102 highway towards the airport and turn off at the Fall River/Waverley Exit and head north on the #2 Truro Highway - passing the Inn on the Lake means you are going in the right direction.

Keep going for about 12 minutes and you will come into Oakfield and you'll see the sign on the left for the Park.

The road in is about 2 minutes that takes you to the Lake and field that is for Day picnicing - before that you'll see gates that close at 7:30pm.

At the gate, stop and turn left into the parking area. Wow, sounds like a great place!!!!! I think we should check it out don't you?

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