"The Moose" - Silver Sands Beach in Dartmouth

The Moose is a super place for walking dogs - there's no sand beach, so there's no people lying around to complain that you have your dogs there - but there's a long beach where you can walk, so that's awesome.

The place is huge. You can walk and walk and walk. The beach goes on forever. It's a super long beach and it's really open - so it's a perfect spot for dog owners like me who have one or more dogs who aren't completely dog friendly so we have lots of time to leash the dogs up before we come upon other beach revellers.

And there's also lots of different terrain - there was marsh, rocks and beach - so lots of different stuff to role in and play on - I tell you - this place is perfect. I am totally in love with this place.

There were also surfers there. The times that I visited there they were very cute - they were all lined up out in the water just waiting for waves to happen - one day when I was there, there was a line-up of about 6 of them out there just waiting for a wave to happen. The waves were pretty good though. It's probably a good spot for them.

Here's some pictures of the perfection that I found:

The first view you see when you walk down from the parking lot

What you see when you look to the left

I'm also trying to get the perfect picture of Buttercup running toward me - I haven't done it yet, but hopefully I'll get it soon - you wouldn't believe how cute it is when she's doing it - it's indescribable - the joy of it:

Here's one try

Here's another

God, if only this one would've come out clear! It was after this that I upped the pixels on the camera!

Here's a picture of the moose statue that I took a couple weeks ago when we first visited the beach:

"We just call it "The Moose, Man

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  1. I love the Moose's new paint job. I also love walking along the beach at Cow Bay ...I've even found a few of those 2,000 year old shells and passed them on to a researcher. (You can read about those shells on the signboard by the Moose)