Miscellaneous type dog friendly places to shop in the HRM

I had an email from one of the owners of the Kwik Kopy Design and Print Centre on Strawberry Hill here in Halifax who wanted to let me know that their resident greeters - yellow lab Rose and black lab Gollum - LOVE to greet their customers' dogs when they bring them into their store! Isn't that wonderful? And if you don't bring your dog with you, Rose and Gollum are willing to part with a milk bone to take home to your dog! haha! Now that is dog-friendliness at it's best. So I'd say that Kwik Copy is a shining example of what pet friendly businesses are like - but the owners really understand because they have dogs themselves - and those are 2 lucky dogs! They have a website as well at Brian and Lynne's store is at 3606 Strawberry Hill and their phone number is 902-453-5151.

This is NEAT! A pet friendly laundromat - it's something that you don't realize how much this is needed until you actually start going there, and you're sitting there with your dog while the mahcines are droning on, and you think to yourself - "man, I'm so glad I can bring my dog in with me to make the time go faster and not completely waste this time while I'm here!" And we are SO lucky that some entrepeneurs have started a pet friendly laundromat right in the middle of Halifax - it's called The Detergency Room and it's a coin op laundry at 5572 Cornwallis St. in Halifax. "They welcome all dogs, no breed discrimination". They also offer free wi-fi and a weekend drop off service. our hours are 8am - 8 pm, 7 days a week. Praise be to DOG!!

Bay Equipment Rentals is dog friendly - they have 3 locations - Cole Harbour, Tantallon and Lower Sackville - you can check out their website - here - 

Ripsters Halloween Shop in Lower Sackville is dog friendly - so if you need anything to do with halloween or costume rental - you should shop here!

If you're into Golf - Golftown in Dartmouth Crossing is dog friendly!

As well - the Hallmark store in Dartmouth Crossing is dog friendly!

I had an email from Lori telling me that the Neighbourhood Plus Dollar store in the northend of Halifax is dog friendly - and when I read that I remembered that someone else had told me that too - and that is fabulous! It's at 3576 Novalea Drive - they also offer biscuits for visiting dogs - so you know the staff love the dogs - I think that's awesome!

I had an email from Takara and her portugese water dog that TAZ records on Grafton Streets is dog friendly - so if you are super cool - take your dog with you! Their website is at

Tiffany and her dog Gator said that both the Petro Canada and Ultramar on Victoria Road in Dartmouth allow dogs, no questions asked! It's great that Dartmouth also has dog-friendly places popping up too, eh?

Pam emailed me to let me know that the Irving Mainway in Clayton Park - the one that's across the street from the Home Depot that's almost inside Bayer's Lake is also dog friendly - and they keep dog treats behind the counter for dogs coming in! She says it's a great way to combine a snack attack with a dog walk - I've said in other spots on my website that Clayton Park is one of the dog friendliest spots in the HRM - and this just proves it once again! haha!

Cathy says that the Ultramar on Inglis Street is very dog friendly - and they even have treats behind the counter for the dogs!

I had an email from Heather and her weimeraner Caspar that Steele Hyundai on Kempt Road is dog friendly - she's taken Caspar into the showroom and her car in for servicing with Caspar and nobody's batted an eye anytime she's been in - so they're obviously very dog friendly there.

Some Honda vehicles look remarkable dog friendly - and it would seem that their businesses are ALSO dog friendly - I remember when I had my Honda Civic and used to take it to Colonial Honda on Robie Street that I could take my dogs Charlie and Leonard in with me when I was dropping off or picking my car up for servicing - and I've gotten an email from Scott and his dog Rosco telling me that Portland Street Honda in Dartmouth is ALSO dog friendly! So if you're thinking about buying a new vehicle that's good for dogs - and that has after care that's ALSO dog friendly - you shoud buy a HONDA! haha!

I had an email from Carol that she's been to Leon's over in Dartmouth and found out that they're dog friendly! I know that they have dogs in their commercials - well it turns out that you can have dogs in their store too! Neat.

Unique Garden Statues out by Crystal Crescent Beach is great! They've got a ton of animal related statues to put out in your back yard - I bought a buddha, because they've got a ton of those too - and a very cute black poodle - once you go there once you'll be hooked! They have a facebook page you can check out at

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