Clothing Stores that are dog friendly in the HRM

Clothing stores are a pretty popular store to be dog friendly in the HRM for some reason - so if you're feeling like a dare-devil - try taking your dog with you when you go clothes shopping - and if you are successful - email me so we can all go shopping at that store and then that store will be very successful because they are dog friendly!

As well - with the advent of the dog friendliness of Dartmouth Crossing - there's a lot of clothing stores in that area that are dog friendly - so I'll list those stores there as well that you can shop at with your dog

Spring Garden Road has also become very dog friendly - and I've got a list at the end of this post of dog friendly clothing stores that you can take your dog in with you as well.

Shannon and her dog Maddie have been in to the "Biscuit General Store" on Argyle Street in Halifax - She said it's a "really neat "vintage" store that has a little bit of everything. Clothes, artwork, books, magnets etc...all from the 50-70's era. A pretty neat shop."

I had an email from Sue and her golden retriever Clancy that Cleve's out in Bayer's Lake is dog friendly!! Yay!

An Outdoor Outfitter's type store that's dog friendly - and actually has a SIGN on their window saying they're dog-friendly is the Trail Shop on Quinpool Road! Yea! Quinpool Road continues it's trend towards being the dog-friendliest street in the city! Steve who works there emailed me to say that they love dogs there and have even had a couple resident dogs over the year's as employee's have brought their dogs' to work with them! He personally LOVES big dogs - so if you've got one and you're out shopping and you are needing stuff for your next hike, jog, or camping trip - go to the Trail Shop on Quinpool Road - and tell them you're shopping there because they love dogs! haha!

Bonnie Hebb was in Myers Equipment on Myers Road in Cole Harbour and they loved her dog Jules when she took him in there (they have a black lab themselves!) and she also had a great experience when she went to the Wine Kitz store in the Woodlawn Mall which is Cole Harbour as well – and is right next to Global Pets I think which is a politically correct pet store that doesn’t sell live animals! (hint…spend your money there)

Out in Bayer's Lake is Winners - and I have had emails from people - Ann and her dog Haggis specifically who've said that they've been there on more than one occasion when there's been small dogs in the shopping carts of customers and no fuss whatsoever has been made! So if you've got a small dog - "Winners, you should go there" (haha, that's their advertising logo!) I personally have been there with Buttercup and have had a fabulous time shopping there - it's a great place to go and spend tons of money and spend time with your dog shopping - I've had emails from several people now saying how dog friendly Winners is.

Also out in Bayer’s Lake is Value Village – it USED to be dog friendly - but it is NO LONGER DOG FRIENDLY - it now has a big sign saying that dogs are not allowed in the store - I heard that it was because of one person's complaint - a dog barked at them and they complained to management, and based on that they banned dogs from the store - a very sad comment on how easily we can lose privileges on taking dogs with us when we go shopping with our dogs.

Stephanie - who also has a dog named Charlie - says Warehouse One out in Bayer's Lake is dog friendly too! So Bayer's Lake is a great place for dogs - at least to small dogs, because her Charlie is a mini poodle - she's been seriously successful out in Bayer's Lake - she's been able to shop at the Aliant store, Mark's Work Wearhouse, AND Reitman's! She doesn't know what their dog policy is - but Stephanie is definitely breaking new barriers in the dog friendly world, I'd say.

Here is the list of dog friendly clothing shops in the Spring Garden area that you can take your dog in with you -

  • American Apparel
  • Better Than Her Boutique
  • Duggers Menswear
  • Halikids
  • Le Chateau
  • Lole
  • LuluLemon
  • Roots
  • Running Room
  • Sweet Pea
  • YKN Sunglasses

So if you are in Dartmouth Crossing and you're looking to add to your wardrobe and you have your dog with you - even if you don't - here are the stores that you can go to -

  • Banana Republic
  • Echo Unlimited
  • La Vie En Rose
  • Le Chateau
  • Marhsalls
  • Pseudio
  • Roots 73
  • Sport Chek


  1. Valu-village has recently changed their policy so that now dogs are prohibited. Not including service dogs of course. This is true of at least the eastern passage location and I was told that it came from a head office decision so I suspect it is the same at other locations. My wife and I have emailed Valu-village to express our displeasure, but have yet to receive a response from their policy department.

    1. That's horrible Mike! That was always my go to place for shopping with my dog! I'm defnitely going to follow this up!

    2. I used to work there, and it did come from head office. The official company policy has always been no dogs, but they were allowing them in HRM. Then someone complained to head office & they had to start following company policy.

  2. I was recently at Sportchek in Dartmouth Crossing and they have a sticker on the door that says "Dog Friendly"! :)

  3. I was recently at Sportchek in Dartmouth Crossing and they have a sticker on their door that says "Dog Friendly"! :)

  4. All of the winners, homesenese and marshals are pet friendly :) Chewy and I shop at all these locations all the time because of their pet friendly policy.

  5. Bed Bath and Beyond in Dartmouth Crossing has a "dog friendly" sticker on their door. I've taken my dog in there.