Eclectic Type dog friendly stores in the HRM

I had an email from Dave and Cass - who own "Bikes by Dave" up on Young Street in Halifax - they've been dog friendly for the last 14 years! Yay! I'd say they were dog friendly back when the term almost didn't exist! They always have treats and water and lots of loving waiting in the store for any dogs who happen by with their owners - so if you're in the market for a bike or any accessories - that is definitely the place to go check out first and last. They also have a website at - where they say they have the best selection of "BMX bikes in Halifax"

Such a neat store that is dog friendly! "Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique & Letterpress Studio" on 1658 Market Street in downtown Halifax welcomes dogs! Yay - what a great place - I was so happy to get the email to say that they're dog friendly - they're such a great store! Their website is at so you can read more about them.

Thornbloom on South Park Street is dog friendly! I have been there and I love that store - it is awesome - I have spent quite a bit of money at that store - and someone who works there recently emailed me saying that dogs are allowed - so now that I know dogs are welcome - I will be taking one of mine with me when I go there to spend gobs of money! Their website is at

The Ultimate Party and Event Store out in Lower Sackville is dog friendly - this is one the dogs who came to visit their store - haha! They love dogs there - especially the little ones who will fit in their shopping carts, but all dogs are welcome - you can find them on facebook at

A beer store is dog friendly! Garrison Brewery even keeps a water bowl and treats at the ready for dogs who may be visiting. Now that is service! I had an email from Peter and his dog Tripper to tell me about the fact - Peter also likes Garrison's use of environmentally friendly beer bottles - it sounds like Garrison Brewery is a VERY good place to buy beer! I think I may have to start driinking liquor!

I got a super email from Vanessa who works at the "Little Mysteries" shop down on Barrington Street in Halifax - they're VERY dog friendly - and all animal friendly! The staff even bring their dogs to work with them! How nice is that? They are a book store that also sells wiccan and occult type stuff, but they also sell neat oddity type stuff that makes cool stocking stuffers - you should check them out they also have a website at - Barrington Street and the whole downtown area is becoming a really good dog-walking destination because there's a lot of dog-friendly stores down there.

Up in the north end of the city - Lori and her dog Adah have reported that the Hen House store is also dog friendly. They sell absolutely awesome antique furniture for not too bad prices and they also sell antique linens and pillows. They used to have an old labrador retriever when their store was on South Street - but he has since passed on to the great bog of no return. They also sell super nice leather collars that are not to be missed. Take a towel with you when you go though - not for your dogs drool - but for yours!

I had an email from Steve and his dog Milo that Venus Envy on Barrington Street in Halifax is dog-friendly. He is the web guy for their web site and he said the owner of the store - Shelley - is a tremendous dog lover and keeps treats in the store for visiting canines! They also have a website at

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