Dog friendly craft type stores in the HRM

This list is pretty short - so if you know of a craft type store in the HRM that's dog friendly - email me at and I'll add it here!

The Clay Cafe is on Quinpool Road in Halifax near Oxford Street. They let your dog come with you while you are working on your ceramics if they are well mannered. The owner - Nan - is a self-professed dog lover. She did jokingly mention though that if a wagging tail broke something you would have to pay for it! When one of my animals died last summer and I had them cremated the urn I got him back in was from the Clay Cafe. So my plan currently is to go to the Clay Cafe and make urns for my other dead animals that I have previously had cremated so that they all match! A little morbid I know, but it is another way to get stuff done and have your dogs with you! They also have a web site at

Great news for dog friendly crafters - Michaels in Dartmouth Crossing is dog friendly!  The Michaels in Bayer's Lake IS NOT!!! But go to the Michael's in Dartmouth Crossing - even if you don't have your dog with you - and tell them why you are shopping at that location - because you appreciate that they love dogs!

This isn't a craft store - but it's a really neat product made by Debbie Silver - they are beautiful dog beds and Debbie usually comes to town and sells them at the craft markets that we have through the year - I bought one and I love it for the dogs - what you see at left is the one I bought - you can contact Debbie through her facebook group

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