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In this city pet friendly apartments might seem to be hard to come by!! So who you know is as important as what you know and how hard you look. Networking is super important. You need to tell everyone you know that you are looking for an apartment that allows dogs and look everywhere and keep your eyes open.

This is the text of an email I sent to a friend who was looking for an apartment and was looking for some tips - you may find it helpful (or you may feel like hitting your head against the wall!):

I'm sorry to say that there's no easy to way to find a pet friendly apartment - except that luck comes into it sometimes. One thing that I did which is really time consuming but I couldn't think of anything else is to take the Chronicle Herald listings and call EVERY ad that is within the geographic area/price range that I was looking for - that isn't in an obvious apartment building but that would obviously be no dogs allowed. You want a place that's a flat or a small house - you call EVERY listing and the first thing you say is - "do you allow pets" - and when they say what kind you say "a dog" - don't say you have 2 dogs - just say "one dog" for now - you're just trying to get in the door so you can look at the place. The last time I was looking I called - and this is the God's honest truth - in one afternoon I called 100 places - 3 of them said yes to a pet and 1 of those 3 said he'd have to get back to me though when he talked to the other owner. That's calling ONE HUNDRED listings in the Chronicle Herald in my price range that had no mention of "No pets". But the thing is that you only need one place to live, right? So you can call 200 places - but you only need one place to live.

Some links you can check out:

There is a local facebook group that shares pet friendly local listings - you can check it out at

I had an email from the marketing director of - they have a local page for Halifax that you can find listings for rentals in Halifax and they have a tab so that you can look at listings that have pet friendly listings which is pretty neat - you can find the listings at

I had an email from the Marketing director of the corporation that runs these buildings that
CAPREIT has two dog friendly locations 1333 South Park st (Park Victoria) and 2334 longard plaza (Harbour View apartments) - awesome! And if you tell them that you found their apartment listing based on my website - I'll get 150 bucks! So if you do rent from them - email me at - I'd love to collect on that promise! haha! - is an aggregator site that with a couple clicks you can look at all the pet friendly listings they have available for the HRM - it's another great option for us locally.

I had an email about another aggregator site that looks pretty good - it's called Zumper and its at - you should check that one out too :)

I had an email from Perry who has a papillon, across the hall is a Yorkie. Below the super has 2 little guys and I know of a few other dogs. There are 96 units on Cole Harbour Rd - and close to great pet services. He lives at Belmont Court Apartments - so if you have a dog who isn't too big - or even if you have a big dog - you should check out this link to see if they have any vacancies -

A great place to start your search is the Charlie loves Halifax facebook group has a discussion page where you can post that you're looking for a pet friendly rental - and people sometimes post that they have pet friendly rentals available - that page is at!/topic.php?uid=191920607416&topic=14390

There is a website called "" that lists rentals in Halifax - and in places all across North America - that when a rental is pet friendly - they list that on the information for the rental - so that's a great place to look when you're looking.

I got a tip from someone that and they said - "If you go into kijiji Halifax and look under apartments for rent/houses for rent...type pet friendly or pets welcome in the search
box...and quite a few dog friendly places will come up."

There's also for you to check out

If you are a university student - they all have student organizations that have housing associations that you can go and look at postings - from other students looking for roommates - and some of them will be dog friendly - so if you're a student - you can find rental housing that way.

As well - when you're looking for apartments - the type that you're looking for are ones called "flats" - apartment buildings generally do not allow dogs - but flats are generally houses that have been broken up into apartments - and quite often they do allow dogs - and when you're calling - I NEVER say that I have 2 dogs - I always start with "pets" - and start with one dog, and then work up from there - don't even mention a second dog until you meet the person - if you're not going to get the apartment -what's the point in mentioning the 2nd dog until you've seen the place anyway? That's my philosophy - and when I was looking for apartments, what I used to do is rent places that were slightly below what I generally would have generally wanted, and then fixed the place up to what I wanted - because more run down places tend to allow dogs. And since you have dogs - people tend to not bother you anyway. And the landlord loves you because you've fixed the place up for them. So it's all good.

When I lived in the south end of Halifax and I was out walking the dogs, I'd keep an eye of for people coming and going out of flats and apartment buildings with dogs - so that when signs went up "for rent" - I gave the numbers to people looking for places. Now I live out in Spryfield - and I mostly only walk my dogs in the huge amount of woods out here - so I don't have that "in" anymore unfortunately - but if you're looking for a dog friendly place - there's nothing to lose by starting to walk your dog in neighbourhoods where you'd like to live - and if you see a "for rent" sign in a building that you think might be dog friendly - give the place a call - what do you have to lose? Nothing! And you've gotten in a good walk in a neighbourhood that you might be living in shortly - win/win!

I came upon a neat document from - it's a "guide to rental housing in Nova Scotia - a tenant rights guide" and it's pretty good.

What it says about dogs is:

A landlord can make a rule in the lease that does not allow pets. The landlord can try to evict you or your pet, but only if the landlord proves that the ‘no pets’ rule is ‘reasonable’ during a hearing.
If your pet isn’t disturbing anyone (noise, allergies, fright, etc.) or damaging the landlord’s property, you can argue the rule against pets is unreasonable and that you should be able to keep your pet.
It is sometimes hard to find suitable housing if you have a pet.
If your landlord wants to evict you or your pet, your landlord will have to take you to a Residential Tenancies hearing. In order to win this hearing,you must prove that the ‘no pets’ rule is not ‘reasonable’. A rule is reasonable
if it promotes safety, comfort, and well-being of all tenants or if it protects the landlord’s property from abuse. If your pet isn’t disturbing anyone or causing damages, the rule is probably not ‘reasonable.’
You may try coming to an agreement with your landlord, like offering to clean the carpets before you move out to get the pet smell out of them. Usually, this is what landlords are worried about.
If you are getting evicted because of your pet, fight back!

Some general pet-friendly apartment hunting tip web pages:

From there's a great page of tips at - which includes tips for when you're at your wits end and you're starting to think about getting rid of your pets because you just can't find a place - some of those tips are - "consider renting one of the many short-term pet-friendly accommodations, such as Bed & Breakfasts, hotels, cottages, and so forth. Ask them for their best rate for an "extended stay". This will allow your pet to stay with you while giving you the chance to find appropriate long-term housing." The link to their page of listings of pet friendly lodgings across Canada is at

Another website that has a lot of tips is at

Another good website to check out is from "Custom boxes now" and their page about moving with pets - it's got a lot of good tips as well. Thanks to Crystal for sending me the link to that page!

Rental housing pet pages for landlords, tenants, real estate investors and property managers - a super website that has listings nationally along with some great articles.
Can we help you keep your pet from Wonderpuppy have a whole section on moving with your pet and how to find apartments that let you keep your animals

Pet Friendly Hotels/B&B's/Cottages:
I had an email from a lady asking about pet friendly lodgings in Halifax and I thought it was a great thing to add to my resources page! I called around to several hotels and they all verbally assured me of the following things:

The most famous Dog friendly hotel in Halifax is probably the "Chocolate Lake Hotel" - because of it's resident dog "Cocoa" - it's also called the "Best Western Chocolate Lake Hotel" - it's very near the Armdale Rotary in Halifax on the beautiful Chocolate Lake - their website is at - - I used to stay there with my Mom when I was a child and I LOVED the pool - it was one of the highlights of my childhood!

"The Pebble" bed and breakfast is located in the south end of Halifax - and it's a boutique type bed and breakfast that's dog friendly. The owners have 2 west highland white terriers - they've got a website that you can go check them out at and you can contact them from. I'd say that if you're coming to Halifax and you want to be pampered - they're the way to go!

"Pampered Paws Inn" is a dog friendly bed and breakfast out in Hammonds Plains - which is actually inside the Halifax Regional Municipality - that caters specifically to dog owners travelling with their dogs. They have rooms that they let to tourists visiting with their dogs. They also have a dog daycare, and by the looks of their website - they host doggie birthday parties. You can check out their website at

The Westin Hotel caters to the dog owner by having special dog beds and dog owner packages!

Holiday Inn at 1980 Robie Street - their phone number is 423-1161. There is no extra fee, weight restriction, and you don't need to keep them in a crate.

Citadel Halifax Hotel at 1960 Brunswick Street - their phone number is 902-422-1391. There is no extra fee, weight restriction, and you don't need to keep them in a crate.

Delta Barrington at 1875 Barrington Street - their phone number is 902-429-7410. They allow dogs but they must be monitored at all times and you need to let them know when you make your reservation that you are bringing a dog.

Econo Lodge at 560 Bedford Highway - their phone number is 902-443-0303. There is an extra $10 charge and you can only have them in certain rooms.

Prince George Hotel at 1725 Market Street - their phone number is 425-1986. There is a "slightly larger deposit" that you have to make and they prefer smaller dogs but the lady I was talking to described her hotel as "very pet friendly!"

Sheraton Halifax Hotel at 1919 Upper Water Street - their phone number is 902-421-1700. There is no extra fee, or weight restriction.

Marquis of Dufferin Seaside Inn in Port Dufferin Nova Scotia sounds like an awesome place to go for a vacation with your dog! They've got a website at that shows pictures of the compound - they're right on the ocean of the Eastern shore of Nova Scotia and everything looks perfect there. The owner Patricia Bennett-Criss says that they have a dog Shadow themselves and there's lots of interesting places for dog walks and lots of property for dogs to run on. Here's their information: Marquis of Dufferin Seaside Inn 25658 Highway 7, Port Dufferin, Nova Scotia B0J 2R0 Phone: (902) 654-2696 Fax (902) 654-2406 Toll free: (877) 654-2696 in North America Email us at

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